Friday, January 12, 2007

Our flights are booked!

Well, we officially have a travel date! We leave NL on February 24th, fly to Ontario to spend a few days with familiy and friends, and then meet up with the other NL couples on February 28th to fly to Beijing! We will arrive in Beijing a few days earlier than anticpated. This will help with the jetleg, and we will have an opportunity to spend some time with our travel mates -- not the mention a little shopping! We are still not sure what day we actually get to meet Maggie -- likely on March 3rd or 4th. It won't be much longer now!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

File translated

We received Maggie's translated file yesterday, and we took her medical report to the doctor for him to review. Her medical was completed on October 17, 2006, when Maggie was 4.5 months old. As we expected, Maggie is perfectly healthy! At the time, she was 60 cm in height and weighed almost 13 lbs! My doctor said that she was healthy and BIG! I wonder how big she will be when we meet her, at 9.5 months of age? I am starting to second guess my size 12 month purchases!!

Her referral indicated that her name "Kang Mei" means that those who named her conveyed good wishes that she would grow healthy and happily into a beautiful and vigorous girl in the future. She loves bright colors, being massaged (who wouldn't like that?), and sound making toys. At 4 months old, she would utter "oooo" like sounds when someone was talking to her and amusing her. She sleeps with her hands clenched on both sides of her head (I can just picture how precious that must look!). She has a very ready smile, loves music, and is a "lovely and active little angel." Her favourite thing to do is rock in a rocking chair. The minute one of her Nanny's sat in a chair with her, Maggie would kick her feet to try to rock the chair. OK, I have to get a rocker for the nursery!

Ohhh my.... is it time to go yet?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Gracie is a big sister!!!!!

We got the call today! We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our family! We are waiting on the file to be translated, however we do know the following:

Chinese Name: Chen Kang Mei
Canadian Name: Maggie Mei Bussey
Residing: Chenzhou Children's Welfare Institute in Hunan, China
Born: May 27, 2006 (just 7 months old!!!)

We are in love!!! She is absolutely beautiful!