Thursday, June 01, 2006

Our beautiful princess!!

Delays, delays, and more delays!!

Sorry that I haven't updated this blog in such a long time. We have had a rough few months. I won't get into all of the details.... but I will summarize very briefly.

1. There have been MANY delays in China, and even though our file was logged in September 2005... we will be LUCKY if we get to travel by Christmas. There are many rumours circulating about why the delays are occuring and about whether or not things will speed up. The bottom line is we just have to sit and wait. Waiting is very hard! We started this process in January 2004. It feels like we have been pregnant for 2.5 years!

2. Gracie's adoption has been put on hold until after we get back from China. It is very long story.... we thought we may loose her at one point, as we were told that we can not proceed with an international and domestic adoption at the one time. Needless to say that we have had a very stressful time over the past few months.... not knowing if we would get to adopt Gracie and Maggie. However I think everything is settled down and we may be able to proceed with both adoptions. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that we do not have anymore stumbling blocks. Since Gracie's adoption won't be finalized until after Maggie's... we will not be able to take Gracie to China with us. A friend of mine made a comment a few months back about the fact that adopting is so much easier than pregnancy / birth. Boy, she does not have a clue! If she only knew what we have been through in the past two years, she would change her tune!

3. I am still trying to finish my master's course on a part-time basis. It is hard - trying to balance work, home, and school. I have thought about quitting....but I only have three more courses left. I can't wait to finish!

On a more positive note.... we celebrated Gracie's third birthday on April 30th (she had so much fun) and our one year anniversary with her on May 5th. Despite everything that we have been through.... this past year has been absolutely wonderful.

Gracie is the light of our lives. What in heavens did we do with ourselves before Gracie? Here are a few pictures of her birthday celebrations (which lasted 2 days). My sister-in-law made the barbie cake!