Friday, July 06, 2007

A long overdue update!

I can't believe that it has been over a month since I update this blog. It has been another crazy and busy month. Maggie became very ill in late May. She had a urinary tract infection that, for some strange reason, was not responding to oral antibiotics. She had to be hospitalized for one week so that she could receive IV antibiotics. My poor baby! She had to spend her birthday in the hospital. The staff were nice enough to bake her a cake. Here are a few pictures of her in the hospital in late May.
When Maggie was released, we celebrated her birthday at home with a few family members. You can see from this picture, she is still feeling miserable!
When Maggie was feeling better, we finally had her christening. This is a cpicture of Maggie with her three godparents -- Aunt Joanne, Uncle Peter and Aunt Wanda.One of Maggie's christening cakes (compliments of Aunt Joanne!).
Maggie's second christening cake.
Maggie is all better now... her beautiful smile is back!

Big sister Gracie enjoying a swim with Daddy..
We had the opportunity to meet little Miss Olivia Ingram when she came home to NL. We met her briefly at the airport. Maggie was really taken with her, as you can tell from this picture!