Monday, May 07, 2007

A long over-due update

Again I have to apologize for taking so long to post updated pictures. But life with two children is absolutely crazy and I can't seem to find any extra time throughout the day. Maggie is doing great... Mommy is her favourite person now (I knew I would win her over when Daddy went back to work). She loves to play all day long... and she is so content and happy. What a blessing she is! We feel so honoured to be her parents! Gracie is doing great too. We just celebrated her fourth birthday. Ohh my.... our little girl is growing up so fast. She is soooo tall!! Anyway... here are a few pictures taken over the last few weeks.

Maggie absolutely loves swinging. She could swing for hours! Maggie with Great Grandmother Goldworthy (Nanny Go)
I am such a happy girl, can't you tell!!!
I loved spending time with Elmo.... I wasn't scared, but my big sissy was!
My big sister Gracie going for a swim... she loves the water!
Gracie celebrating her fourth birthday with Poppy Rixon. Thanks for making the barbie cake Aunt Joanne!
Gracie's barbie cake
Gracie's kiddie party at the Little Gym. We had so much fun!!!
Princess Gracie!!!


The Robertsons said...

Hi Lisa,
It's great to see some updated pictures of your girls. I can relate to life with two being hectic but we have friends and family keeping at us to keep up with pictures.
Maggie looks to be all settled in and I'm happy to hear she's bonding more with you. How big is she now? She has a birthday coming up soon, right?


Debbie said...

Lisa, phew - getting worried about you girl!!! Nice to see updated pictures. Maggie is nice and chunkie like Olivia, she has the same swing as her too! Olivia's is hanging from our garage because we don't have our grass in our new house yet.

Gracie is absolutely STUNNING!!!! You have 2 beautiful girls and are truly blessed.

Life must be really busy for you but I bet your enjoying every minute.

Hope to see you in a couple weeks.


Dan & Kelly said...

Both of your girls are beautiful. Happy mother's day! Enjoy every minute!