Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Playdate with my Chinese "sisters"

Maggie had a play date yesterday with three of her Chinese “sisters.” She had so much fun (and Mom did too!!!). Thank you so much Mia and Tammy for having us over!!! Check out these pictures!!!!


LIZ said...

How cute are they!!

Bonnie said...

They are both beautiful!
I'm guessing you have a website somewhere as well. I did a search on you, but only came up with the blog.
Hopefully I will get to see them when I come home from Halifax this summer.

Debbie said...

O.K girlfriend, I'm in need of a Maggie and Gracie fix and you are WAY overdue. Update the blog chickie!!!!


Lisa said...

Hey Bonnie, nice to hear from you. We don't actually have a webiste... just this blog. We are looking forward to seeing you this summer too.

Hey Debbie, I know I need to update the blog. I just can't seem to find any time these days with two kiddies. I will dig up some more pictures and post soon.